I offer hypnotherapy and progressive relaxation sessions in person and online via Skype.

The number of sessions will vary per client, and the type of sessions and likely number of them will be discussed during a free consultation. 


After highly successful outcomes with clients who had a fear of injections and needles and in view of the importance of the vaccination roll-out, I am offering reduced price sessions for anyone who has this phobia.

Injection/needle anxiety – only £20 per session until further notice.

Reduced price

During current social distancing measures I am offering Skype sessions including free consultation at the following rate. Find out more about each session below.

Hypnosis £35 for 1 hour

Progressive relaxation £15 for 35 minutes

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Sessions focus on areas such as wellbeing, unwanted habits, fears or esteem.

A one-hour hypnotherapy session is £50, with a free initial consultation.
(See above for reduced prices via Skype). 

Typical number of sessions for common challenges include: giving up smoking 1 or 2 sessions, weight loss 2 to 4 sessions, building self-confidence 1 session.

Relaxation Sessions

Slow, progressive relaxation to soothe the mind and body.

A 35 minute relaxation session is £25. The free 20 minute consultation includes a short practise; An introduction to the relaxation powers of hypnosis.

(See above for reduced prices via Skype).


All treatments and consultations are totally confidential.

If you have any questions please contact me.