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Covid update: Phobia of needles/injections

A recent client (Martin, February 2021)  suffered a fear of injections for sixty years. He had a history of fainting and having to be held down whilst having blood taken. After two hypnotherapy  sessions,  he had the jab and was amazed how calm and how relaxed he felt.  As it is so important everyone has the jab I am offering hypnosis for this fear at a greatly reduced price. If you know of anyone who would benefit please get in touch.

Special Covid Offer: Injection/needle anxiety – only £20 per session until further notice.

Client feedback

Here’s what some of my clients have said. Some names have been changed(*) at the client’s request.


Thank you for transforming my life for the better.
Far more effective than any medication!


Instead of dwelling on bad experiences she is now able to discuss things objectively, ‘file them away’ and enjoy her downtime. She is thinking through the next steps in her career and assessing her options. A huge improvement. Thank you, Jenny!

-Mother of client

I have no doubts that hypnotherapy works and wouldn’t hesitate to come to see you again in the future or to recommend you to people in the future.


Donna has coped so much better during this period than in the previous two years of her course.  She’s been so much calmer and able to rationalise about it all and has even said that when she feels herself getting stressed the phrase, ‘Don’t catastrophise’ pops into her head and she can get things in perspective. She’s even managed to hold a job down as well as juggling all her uni work this term. We’ve both said that she’s been so much better since coming to see you.

-Mother of client

I had a very good day, markedly improved – thanks to you!



Hypnotherapy is really helping me become mindful of myself and is showing me I am in control. Guess what? Yesterday was the first day in over 7 years I’ve eaten food and kept it down. I did NOT binge AND only was a tiny tiny bit sick once! I made it to 12:54 so far today…it’s still such a struggle but I’m determined to make it. Thank you so much!



You allowed me to find my voice and to be heard instead of accepting other peoples  thoughts and running away as I have always done in the past. My voice was louder than my fear. And I found I was listened to thanks to having a session with you.


I got to jump twice yesterday and progressed though I was buzzing all night!!

Just to let you know I got my sky diving licence and I have just started a job as an Instructor.


Exam anxiety

Today my daughter took a resit. She has been on the ball with revision, really focused. She said she felt calm and it all seemed to go ok. When I took her to school this morning she was like a different person compared to how she usually is before exams. Thank you.

-Mother of client

Fear of Dentist

He said the tooth may need extracting but I was calm, in control, listened to music all relaxed. I’m just happy I can go for a filling without being terrified … I feel fantastic. So glad I managed the filling, proud of myself and of course you, for your help.


Giving up Smoking

35 days smoke free , all down to your wonderful wizardry! 

‘B’ December 2021

My husband was a really heavy smoker (40/50 a day for around 25 years). He decided he had to stop for his own health and a better lease of life for all of us, so I found Jenny online and booked for the next week!! On Thursday June 1st we arrive at Jenny’s and at once she made us feel at ease. She’s a wonderful lady and does wonderful things. After my husband’s first session on that day, he hasn’t touched, craved or even thought about a cigarette!! Something we couldn’t be more grateful for. Thank you so much Jenny – you have changed our lives.


Giving up Alcohol

I would like to send huge thanks for helping me break the habit of drinking wine every night, since I came to see you on the 12th December, I haven’t wanted a glass of wine at all, it is fair to say that I had a small glass on Christmas Day and some fizz New Year’s Eve, but I have to say I didn’t really enjoy them and haven’t touched a drop since. I have increased my running so almost 4 weeks on I am returning to my size and shape that I was 6 months ago, I am so grateful to you and the hypnosis, which has made the changes that I wanted them to make. If anyone is considering getting help to break out of unwanted habits, I definitely recommend Jenny and hypnotherapy – thank you once again, you are fantastic.


Thought you like to know I feel really good. Very calm relaxed and very happy in my own skin I have a permanent little smile. Just had 4 nights away with mum and sister in Majorca where the drinks were flowing but hey not at all interested. Thank you. I have started to like myself again.


I stopped drinking alcohol, with the help of Jenny Pratt, hypnotherapist. Over two years ago now. Just the smell of it makes my stomach turn. It never crosses my mind at all, to have so much as a sip. Feeling free from the miserable habit and life has been great ever since.



I would like to thank you so much for fitting me in so quickly. I really am feeling the benefit from our session and the relaxation file. You were right with me not being able to switch off! I am finding relaxation and switching off is allowing me to get to sleep much easier.
Sending you my best wishes and eternal thanks.



Low self-esteem

Thank you so much for putting me at ease and making me feel listened to. My anxiety levels have calmed down to the extent that I’m going 3 – 4 days without that horrible stomach lurch. It’s not that I’m not coming into contact with the things that used to unnerve me, it’s just that I’ve found I’m rationalising my reactions more clearly, having faith in my decisions and not questioning everything.  I’m feeling so much more empowered and less drained and feel so much better about getting up and getting on. And, as you said, it’s surprising how the effects of the hypnotherapy keep building days after the session.


Weight loss

After a week of seeing you. I have lost 5lb so far. Not had any snacks, portions are less and I haven’t felt hungry at all! If anything I’m making myself eat a meal! Will keep you posted!

-Caroline* June 2022

I haven’t snacked once since seeing you and I no longer seem to be driven by the need to eat every half hour. It is a wonderful feeling.


Still going strong Jenny!! No chocolate for 2 weeks. Don’t fancy it at all. I go for the healthy options without thinking!


Thank you so much for the hypno sessions. They have really helped me focus on reaching my weight goal. Last night was the first night in a long time which didn’t involve a glass of wine, I opted for the mint tea instead and thoroughly enjoyed it. It doesn’t feel like I am denying myself or having to try at something which is difficult, it just feels naturally the right thing to do.


Just to let you know that I have now been 7 weeks without any sugary products! No cakes, sweets, biscuits! So far so good! Friends and family can’t believe it!!


My aunt has lost a stone in three weeks . You must be a miracle worker for my aunt not to eat chocolate!

– Beth (niece of client)